Comic 4 - The Cross of Grime Alley page 03

2nd Sep 2016, 10:30 PM in The Cross of Grime Alley
The Cross of Grime Alley page 03
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Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Remember, this story already ran at , so if you want to skip ahead, you can. :-)

Page 3 of Gospelman Adventures' first story! This is of course an introduction story.

Originally, there were to be no actual superheroes in Gospelman's world, as GM is just a VBS/Sunday School kids' costumed performer and teacher, but I prayed for help to just go on and make a story already (I had been meaning to do something with Gospelman since 2004), and somehow this came out in one or two days at work plus a third at home. I admit that this was originally actually Batman for reals, bro, but I changed him... Somewhat... If this character ever reappears, he and his costume will receive an overhaul in the design department. Maybe he'll have a brown costume? He's a throw-away character, so it wasn't too important at the time. Anyway, I like how Gospelman's hope compares and contrasts Batma-*COUGH*-Knight Hare's since of hopelessness. Of course, Batman hadn't always been like that; earlier, more campy depictions of the Bat existed, after all; there was even a comic depicting Batman as a Christian and the remaining sole protector of the Holy Grail, apparently, or so I've been told. Other stories explain Bruce Wayne's family religion as either Roman Catholic or Episcopalian; Bruce himself, however, is sometimes depicted as either Catholic or possibly an atheist. If that's the case, in my mind I'd like to think the character suffered a downhill spiral into unbelief, but it really depends on the continuity and the whims of the current writer. If that's not the case, to me he's still a Catholic, but it sadly does not play into his thoughts and life nearly as much as it does Matt Murdock's, the Dare Devil.

Anyway, I try to write interesting comments, but we've gone far off of the point here, so let's get back on track...

Anyway, I feel a need for a moment of brief transparency (the "brief" turned into a few paragraphs, sorry). I think the nature of this work calls for it, especially as I, Will Boyer, am calling this a ministry. This is my first Christian comic and I've not had a lot of experience in ministry, in my opinion. I did help out with a 5-or-so year old children's Sunday School class for about, I can't remember, maybe 7 years. I did go to Piedmont Baptist College for 4 years (it has since changed names) to become a missionary (which hasn't YET happened), before going to a community college for animation for 3 years more. And, despite being a Christian and witnessing off and on since I was 14, I only just now was able to "lead" my first person to Christ this past Sunday. It's a part of a new ministry I've become a part of. Actually, the older gentleman wasn't lead to Christ by myself, I just prayed with him. He told me he wanted to repent of his sins. Actually, he could have already been a Christian and I misunderstood him. His name is Matt. Anyway, it didn't leave me feeling the way I thought it would... I've prayed about this for years upon years. It came with the sudden realization that no human being "leads" a person to Christ like certain Christians claim we do. Actually, it's true that the man had just heard the Gospel preached - I was not that preacher - and was responding to it. But if anyone had lead him to Christ, it was the Holy Spirit. I have often been down and discouraged through out the years for failing to bring anyone to Christ up to this point, but the impact that last Sunday made on me - and, well, the lack of impact as well - is... Well, I'm at a loss for words. It's not me, it's the Holy Spirit, who convicts and leads. I can't convince anyone to be a Christian, to accept Christ or repent of sin. At times I've too heavily put the burden on myself, when in reality it's the Holy Spirit's job. Something I certainly already knew, but I unfortunately have the bad habit of needing to be retaught my lessons. The lack of impact I mentioned is due to the realization that I did nothing last Sunday. It both filled me with joy and emptiness simultaneously. Joy, because a man repented and came to Christ, but emptiness because I thought, after 17 years of praying I'd lead at least one person to Christ in my lifetime and it finally happening, there would be more to it. Or it wouldn't be so easy. Or... The bottom line is, I've reaped where I did not sow (a Biblical New Testament reference). And perhaps I realize now how little God needs me to bring about faith and repentance in the human heart. He includes people like me because He wants me to be a part of His great joy when He saves and rescues the people He loves. And perhaps I'm just dumbfounded at how easy it was when, all this time, I've thought it nearly impossible to break through to people, and this has left me confused, trying to sort out and explain it. Then again, Jesus in John 8 stated that some people either won't or can't understand His message, so perhaps it is impossible for some - but the more likely answer is that, although God may have led me to those previous people through out all of those years to plant a seed or for some other reason, He had simply not led me to a person with a prepared heart until now. And maybe there's a reason for that.

Speaking of transparency and impossible, I need the prayers of any Christians willing to become prayer partners of mine, or of Gospelman Ministries (which consists of very few right now; possibly a second writer, Richard Best, if he's free to return to writing duties). I've honestly been struggling spiritually, I think, since 2014 when my wife and I lost our first child during pregnancy (we're now expecting another child, yay!! :-D ). I'm not saying that I've been consciously running from God, but that I haven't been in the Word or in prayer as much as I should be and don't feel as excited as I once did about God or Jesus or Christianity. Which could possibly just be from emotions and not feeling well. Obviously, losing a child, even a not yet born one, can heavily depress a person. Honestly, my interest in my art and comics have also waned since 2014, definitely because of losing the child, as far as I know. I've been struggling ever since to regain my excitement for both God and art, dragging myself by my own bootstraps at times. I'm forcing myself to do the art and do ministry and get into the Word, but I'm looking forward to regaining the excitement and joy of it all instead of simply going through the motions. Sure, there are times when I find myself enjoying it again, but it doesn't seem to last. But, whether it's art or ministry - and especially ministry, I don't want to fake my enthusiasm or just show up and do what needs to be done. I want to be alive inside! Jesus said in John 15 that we can do nothing, produce no fruit, without Him. Ministry is an attempt at fruit bearing. Whether mine is Gospelman or my recent Prison Ministry (by the way, please pray for Matt; he hopes he can be released by December to see his twin daughters' birth), I don't want to be working in vain, failing to produce any fruit. I don't even want that in my secular artwork and comics.

Speaking of which, Hip Hop with Empire Comics Lab is currently not updating, as you've probably noticed. I'm sorry about that, it's my fault. I've picked up extra days at work, have been trying to help the wife out more around the house and take her to appointments, and have been having migraines almost on a daily basis for the past month and a half. I think it's caffeine. A medical book recommended a person with my symptoms to cut out caffeine from his diet. It claims that, not only will the migraines disappear, but I should have more energy than I've had in a long time. I'm hoping that it could be the answer to some of my prayers. But no amount of mood boost will make me closer to Jesus (although I'll certainly feel more cheerful and less grumpy). I've got to get into the Word and prayer more! Hmm. I just realized. How much a day is enough? I don't think it's actually spelled out in Scripture. I think maybe the Psalms will help. Christians in Bible college often told me it was a mistake to connect my feelings of closeness with God to how I felt emotionally, physically, etc. I admit I'm looking to be more excited and interested in my beliefs and Jesus again, which is more about mood, how I feel. Until then, I'll try to be in God's Word on a daily basis, however. Romans 8:28 will take care of the rest. ;-)

Anyway, I wrote the above because I really wasn't "feeling" sincere or excited about posting Gospelman when I posted this; I wanted something real to say. I'm doing it obviously because I am sincere, even if I don't feel excited, and truly want the Gospel message preached. I'm interested in the salvation of men and women. Or at least I try to be. Feeling cruddy and out of energy can drain a person, and the cares and concerns of this life can choke our productivity for God's kingdom, if we let it. Trust me, it's a battle to keep my eyes on things above and not on things below.

Until next update!