Comic 3 - The Cross of Grime Alley page 02

9th Aug 2016, 3:15 PM in The Cross of Grime Alley
The Cross of Grime Alley page 02
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GospelmanMinistries 9th Aug 2016, 3:15 PM edit delete
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The original upload on has no original comment, so I got nothing old, just new stuff to say. Honestly, I think my work speaks for itself, so it's understandable. Also, I've been doing webcomics off and on since 2009, and I admit to being a bit exhausted at times.

The second page of "The Cross of Grime Alley!" As I hope you can tell, I attempted to inject some bit of comedy into this series. The first story is not perfect. I'm more used to doing secular comedy, like in my SuperMilo comic here on Comic Fury ( It may be a few stories into Gospelman Adventures before I figure out how best to handle this new series. And, yes, it is seriously a Christian comic with religious education in mind, but my aim is to make it entertaining, like ... that Wild Krats cartoon show on PBS or something. To do this I understand there has to be more story and humor than actual teaching, but bare with me for a bit, okay? Formalities and all that. The character is all about the Gospel, so expect some explaining of what that is and why that's important coming up. It'll of course be a re-occurring theme for our namesake hero, so any aspects of the Gospel we don't get to now - like who Jesus is (obviously very important) - will be addressed whenever applicable in future stories. Probably not too soon so as not to be boring or repeat myself. Give the comic stories some variety, you know? The only other thing to say about this page and story is that it was drawn in 2014 and colored in 2015 so I consider it older work of mine. For the newer stuff, check out my work for the publishing company at (look for Hip Hop).

Oh, and here's some more important commentary I just remembered: I may have shared this before, but I never scripted this comic, really. I kind of did when I imagined it and wrote in the text on the rough drafts, but that's not usually how I write a story. I usually take lots of time and effort and thought in front of a pad of paper or Microsoft Word. With this, I was really fed up that I created Gospelman in 2004 and returned to him in 2010, but still hadn't gotten much done, so I prayed to the Lord that He help me create a proper story or introduction - or anything, really - and I just spat this out during slow parts of my warehouse/customer service job. It honestly turned out better than hoped for, in my opinion.

Guess what, guys? The first print of Gospelman Adventures - a free black and white preview before the real issue #1 prints - arrived in the mail yesterday! Huzzah!

If you'd like your FAN ART or FAN MAIL to appear in the REAL first issue of Gospelman Adventures, then please send everything to ! :-) Let me know what I'm doing wrong or doing right, give me some encouragement in the Lord, that sort of thing. I promise your stuff will show up online and in the printed issues! Thanks, guys (and gals)!

I'm scheduled to appear at 3 different conventions with Empire Comics Lab in October, so hopefully I'll be able to get time off of the day job and be able to sell and pass out the books.

Also, looking for prayer partners as I start to seriously attempt doing Christian comics. Thanks, everyone!